March 2 - April 20 2012

Mara Sfara

Mara Sfara is a contemporary sculptor and representational painter. “I am a very positive person, and I enjoy beautiful colors, objects and places,” explains Mara. Her spirit is reflected in her art.
Mara’s whimsical bronze sculptures convey a range of moods and attitudes, with which her audience can readily identify. People and objects, while identifiable, are fanciful and fantastical. Whether the sculpture portrays a mythological figure, such as an angel or mermaid, captures a specific emotion, or is simply the product of a her imagination, each is a spirited character with a charming twist.

Her vivid paintings depict idyllic, serene landscapes from her travels, including mountains, lakes, cliffs and, most often, the clouds and the sea. She minimizes edges and sharp lines because they create boundaries and restrict the viewer, hold them in a space and require conformity, all of which limit creativity. Soft, round, extra-large structural elements create a rhythm and a flow that lead in a direction.

In any media, Mara draws in viewers, evokes emotion and tells a story — one that is optimistic and uplifting. She examines the core of the emotion she seeks to convey, in order to imbue her pieces with that essence.

Likening her artistic process to that of a writer, she says: “In literature, using fewer words to express ideas shows a greater command of language. The same is true with art. The true artist uses subliminal seduction within the painting to convey a story.” In Mara’s works, all of the elements work together and combine with her unique viewpoint to create a magical experience.