The Emotionalists

March 20, 2014 – April 30, 2014

20 Years of Making Art

Piotr Betlej

Born in Poland. He studied Art in Poland and France. He lives in Paris. His works were show on more than 200 group and solo shows around the world. Betlej was awarded in 2013 prize for his painting “Arts sur Scene” Asnieres sur Seine. In 2012 he was awarded “Finez Plannard” prize in Grand Palais Paris painting contest a silver medal and bronze medal in 2011.

Marcin Bondarowicz, draftsman & illustrator

Born in 1976 in Starachowice, Poland. He works creating posters and illustrations for business magazines, socio-political magazines, as well as online information portals. For many years he has worked with Polish & international press. He is a participant, juror, and winner of international competitions in editorial & satirical drawing. His works can be found in numerous collections. To view some of the artist's work please visit:

Ivan Bratko, sculptor

Ivan finished the School of Fine Arts and Industrial Forms in Czerwonogrod, Ukraine in 1985. He was always fascinated with traditional Ukranian ceramics, which he studied with Mariana Bokusewicza. In 1991, he received the title Master of Ukrainian Folk Art. His works are found in private collections in Europe and the United States. Ivan lives and creates in NJ, USA

Maria Fuks, painter
Artist currently does not have a webpage.

Born into a family of artists in the Polish village of Osiek in 1956, Maria Fuks studied her craft at the Academy of Fine Ans in Warsaw and since 1984 has operated out of her studio in Nuemberg, Germany. Her work has been displayed in group and solo exhibitions from 1984 to the present. She is a member of the Professional organization Federation International Culturel Feminine through which many of her group exhibitions have been managed.

Janek Hausbrandt, photographer

Janek started his work as a photo journalist in 1972 for Interpress Agency in Warsaw and quickly established himself as the press and editorial photographer in Europe. He moved to the US in the early 1980s. His works have been published in Time, Newsweek, Spiegel and Zeit magazines. Janek lives and creates in NJ, USA.

Kinga Kolouszek, painter, graphic artist

Kinga is a painter and graphic artist. In her native Poland she studied art and worked in the advertising field. She received a degree in art (1998), with a concentration in painting and graphic arts, from European Academy of Art in Warsaw, Poland. Kinga lives in Luxembourg.

Wojtek Kubik, photographer

He came to the U.S. in 1981 to follow his American dream.
A musician by education, he couldn’t which was strengthened by his studies at the New York Institute of Photography completed in 1987.achieve his dream simply by performing music. His life passion,

Zbigniew Nowosadzki, painter

Zbigniew Nowosadzki was born in Zamosc in 1957. He studied Fine Arts at the University UMCS, with Prof. M. Snoch, R. Winiarski, and R. Lis. He received a diploma in 1983 and from 1987- 92 created a modern art gallery in Warsaw called “ZAR”. In 1997 he opened the “Otwarte Kolo Gallery” in Wilanow. He has had 20 individual exhibitions and participated in dozens of collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Zbigniew lives in Poland.

Mieczyslaw Rudek “Mietko”

Graphic artist, photographer and painter. Born in Bochnia, Poland in 1956. Before dedicating himself to art Mieczyslaw Rudek worked as blacksmith and lumberjack. In 1989 he emigrated to New York City when he worked for Lipert Gallery, than for 4 Season Images Studio and finally for Polish Daily News as an Art Director until 2011. Now he is the owner of Mietkography Studio and Emart Gallery in Ridgewood Qeens.
He was showing his works in US, Poland and France. Recently his photographs were accepted to show on Paris Biennale “Month of Photography 2012” and Los Angeles “Snap to Grid 2014”
"in my work I want to freeze unnoticeable moment and draw beauty out of it"

Arthur Skowron, painter

Arthur was born in Starachowice, Poland. In USA from 1990. He studied at New York’s High School of Art & Design. He studied printmaking at the Art Students’ League of New York. He received his BA in Fine Art from Queens College. Arthur has displayed his work in several solo exhibits and over two dozen group shows. Arthur lives in New York.

Janusz Skowron, painter, graphic art.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Artist currently does not have a webpage.

Born in Poland where he studied Fine Arts in University UMCS. He is a member of “Emotionalism Art Group” (from 1999), “The Polish Artists Association”, “PIASA” and “New Century Artists”. He took part in more than a hundred exhibitions. He was curator of several exhibitions and promoter of Polish Art in USA. Janusz now resides in New York.

Maksymilian Starzec, painter                                                                                                              

Maksymilian was born in 1951 in Kolbuszowa Gorna, Poland. He studied fine arts in Prof. Marian Bogusz’s studio at University UMCS in Lublin from 1974 to 1978. Exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in solo and group shows.  Maksymilian lives in Poland

Beata Szpura

Beata Szpura is an illustrator, a painter and an educator. Her illustration work has been published by all the major national publications. Her client’s list includes: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Daily News, Business Week, Leo Burnett, Grey Worldwide, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, Merrill Lynch Realty, Metropolitan Opera Guild, Museum of Modern Art, Money, New York Magazine, New Yorker, Harcourt Brace, Henry Holt Publishing, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Self, Seventeen, Sports Illustrated, Scholastic, Town & Country, Harper Collins, Wine & Spirits, Icon Shoes and others.

Beata’s Holiday cards/mobiles were distributed by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. She has illustrated several book covers for Farrar, Straus and Giroux, including Newberry Award winner Joey Pigza Looses Control.  She has created several illustrations for print and online advertising campaign for The Olive Garden. Icon Shoes is currently selling upscale leather products decorated with Beata’s fashion illustrations. She has exhibited her paintings in the US and in Poland. She has participated in DOG NY project and her 3 painted dog sculptures were on display in Manhattan. One of them, placed in the Union Square, was featured in the New York Times.
Beata teaches fashion drawing and Color Theory at Parsons School of Design, and drawing and painting at Queensborough Community College.

Patrycja Todo: photographer, poet

Patrycja was born in Warsaw, Poland (1971). In 1989 she emigrated to Maastricht (Holland), where she became the co-owner of Visiona Art Gallery. She graduated from Liege University (Belgium), majoring in art history. From 1997 she’s living in France and is the president of Design Agency (1998-2001). Since 2001 Patrycia has been doing photography and poetry. In 2006 she won the first price in Krakow (Polish Poets Competition). Patrycja lives in France.

Lubomir Tomaszewski, sculptor, painter

Lubomir Tomaszewski was born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1953 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Ten years, 1956-66 he worked as a Senior Designer at the Institute of Industrial Design, in Warsaw. In 1967-1993 he was Professor at the Industrial Design Department at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1993 he retired and organized international art movement, Emotionalism, in which "artists, musicians and dancers celebrate life and nature."
Lubomir lives and creates in Connecticut, USA

Witold "Vito" Wojcik , painter

Vito received his education at Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. He participated in numerous group and individual shows in USA and Europe. His works found the place in several private collections.
He is a member of KRAK ART GROUP. He lives and works in California, USA

Anna Zatorska

Born in Kolbuszowa, Poland in 1981. She received her BFA from Central Connecticut State University in New Britain in 2012. She had solo and group exhibits in the USA, Poland,  and Denmark. Anna has been a member of the Emotionalists since 2007, and the Polish Society of Artists.  Anna lives and creates in New Britain, CT.
The artist presents the nature that surrounds her. She is deeply involved in presenting trees, landscapes, and occasionally flowers. In her oils you can see the motion caused by wind.  Her nervous lines cut the pieces and present her unique character as an artist. She also draws using the variety of media such as: pencils, charcoal, sepia, sanguine, black or brown pastel, and black acrylic paint.

About the Exhibit

The show celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Emotionalists, the group of like-minded artists whose work in different media reflects human emotions ranging from love and extreme elation to melancholy, anger and sadness. The Emotionalists’ styles vary from pure abstraction to classical realism. The group was founded in 1994 by renowned sculptor, nestor of the Polish School of Industrial Design, and professor emeritus at Bridgeport University, Lubomir Tomaszewski. The group has as its mission the return to the natural language of expression in art and seeks to awaken deep emotions in the viewer.

The group's members are photographers, painters, illustrators and graphic artists who live in the USA and in Europe. Many of them were born in Poland.

The Emotionalists have had many exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Denmark, France, and Poland.

The curator of the show and the exhibiting artist, Beata Szpura, teaches painting and drawing at Queensborough Community College.

"We are not interested in having only one common style. In fact, the truth is that we love having diversity in both style and philosophy, as long as the primary purpose of the group is visible in the works. And that purpose is quite simply to find art that resonates naturally and deeply within the viewer, observer or listener. (…) What unites us is our belief in the innate nobility of art. This ideal is difficult to achieve, because how can something so subjective and elusive be empirically defined? Yet how can we, as artists, strive for anything less?"

-Lubomir Tomaszewski