Natural Resources

July 27 through October 2, 2016

Dennis Cady

I am a landscape painter working in a variety of media: watercolor, oils, monoprints, woodcuts and linocuts. My works follows a long tradition of modern landscape painting that puts emphasis on expression. This requires interpretation rather than simply reproducing external reality.

Most of my work is done on-site, directly from nature. I prefer working this way because through the process of painting I make an intuitive connection with my surroundings and express an inner experience of reality. This means penetrating beneath external appearances to make a statement using the elements of painting—color, shape, line, etc.—representational of landscape, which, in turn, expresses my feelings and emotions about a specific time and place.

I have often used the diptych and triptych format to explore different aspects of a place and to suggest change and the passage of time, as opposed to a static, monolithic view. Nature is dynamic, and I want to express this as well as my relationship to it. In this, I have been influenced by Asian art, but also by photography.

Art, like dreams, has the capacity to bring unconscious content to consciousness. As this surfaces, art helps us find new physical images to collectively see, articulate, and integrate what has previously been denied or unimagined. In this way, we experience the world and ourselves more intimately.

My work is as much a statement about what we have not wanted to see as what we do want to see—the destruction of the environment or the beauty and splendor of nature. It is my intention to present a positive vision that requires seeing ourselves as part of a larger whole.

About the Exhibit

Painter, printmaker, sculptor, and designer, Dennis Cady is based in Queens, the Hudson Valley and Arizona. A native of Oregon, Cady studied at Portland State University with Robert Colescott and Frederic Littman. Awarded a two-year Max Beckmann Fellowship at the Brooklyn Museum Art School, he moved to New York, where he has resided since 1969. He also studied at the Pratt Graphics Art Center and the State University of New York.

A prolific artist, Cady has worked in all media. During the 1970s he designed sets, posters, costumes and props for the Murray Louis Dance Company, Nikolai Dance Company, and other companies. For the last two decades, he has continued to design – creating an artist’s studio-residence in the Hudson Valley and NE Arizona. Focused on painting and printmaking for the first half of his career, his love of materials and explorations of 3-dimensional form and space in architectural settings has also drawn him to direct wood-carving.

In a career spanning over 40 years, the artist has traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Latin America, capturing the drama and spirit of earth, sea and sky in open-air, on-site watercolor and acrylic on canvas paintings. Extended journeys have yielded many series of works that combine keen observation of form, atmosphere and light with rich color, expressive brushwork, and a distinct sense of place. Throughout his career, he has worked indoors during the winter months creating woodcuts, monoprints, and linocuts that interpret and recreate his on-site paintings.

Cady is represented in both private and public collections. These include the Museum of Modern Art, Center for Book Arts; New York Public Library Print Collection; South Street Seaport Museum; U.S. Department of State; Newark Public Library Print Collection; and the University of Toronto. Selected corporate collections include Bristol Meyers Squibb, Citibank, Hilton Hotels, IBM, Merrill Lynch, MetLife, Mobil Oil Company, The New York Times, New York Health and Hospitals Corp., Pfizer and UPS among many others. Numerous one-man and group shows in New York, national and international venues are among his credits.