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Christian Dietrich Grabbe: His Life and His Works

By Maurice Edwards

ISBN: 978-1-936658-28-2

A biography which introduces the general English language reader and/or specialist to that remarkable, under-recognized early 19th century German playwright along with studies of his major plays, and his place in the history of German and world theater. Grabbe, called by many the father of avant-garde theater via the French surrealists, Jarry, Breton and Beckett, is also considered the font of late 19th /early 20th century realistic/naturalistic theater via Strindberg, Hauptmann, Wedekind and Brecht. This book shows how these writers were inspired by Grabbe and his path-breaking use of language and theatrical dialogue and, above all, his epic, almost cinematic style. In turn they influenced many of their contemporary British and American playwrights who were indirectly, unbeknownst to themselves, influenced by the unique Grabbe.

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