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Jozsef Jakovits

By Gary van Wyk

ISBN: 978-1-936658-29-9

The bilingual English-Hungarian publication titled Jozsef Jakovits was produced to in conjunction with the self-titled exhibition held at the QCC Art Gallery / CUNY from December 9, 2014 through Februaury 22, 2015. The 174-page catalog is illustrated in full color and is the first book to focus on the art and life of the artist in English.

Jozsef Jakovits (1909 – 1994), an autodidact was inspired by Surrealism and Primitivism. His sculpture resonated with primal sexuality and spirituality, blending genders, animal and human characteristics, and sacred and secular themes. This stance was inherently political in conservative and communist Hungary, and he also made overtly political work that was even more intolerable in Hungary. Grasping an opportunity to emigrate to the United States in 1965, Jakovits settled in New York City where he continued his impressive art career until 1987 when he returned to Budapest.

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