Celebrating Artistic Expression

ANIBIC Group Day Habilitation Arts Program

May 6, 2015 through June 7, 2015


The artwork featured in this exhibit is the result of the ANIBIC Group Day Habilitation Arts Program. We believe that exposure to the arts harnesses the innate creativity we all hold within us. It fosters self-expression and enhances concentration, self-awareness, and confidence. The arts program has positively impacted the participants in countless and unexpected ways that reach beyond the art room into their everyday lives.

During the past year, we have been participating in weekly art sessions to learn about using various mediums for creative expression. Program members have been also learning about the work of the Great Masters and visiting museums to view actual works. Some of the artwork displayed in the exhibit is D’apres collaborative group art inspired by the works they have studied of the great masters. We are delighted to share our work with others and open the doors to a partnership with the community.

Works in Exhibition