I AMazon

Jennifer Pastecchi

May 19, 2011 - June 30, 2011

Jennifer Pastecchi

Artist Jennifer Pastecchi is proud to present the unveiling of her series of sculptural pieces from the collection, I AMazon. The opening reception will be on May 19th, 2011 from 5 pm to 8 pm. The gallery viewing will be held at The Queensborough Community College Art Gallery located at 222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside, New York 11364. The artwork will be on view until June 30, 2011. I AMazon is a collection of artworks that depicts the life of the modern Amazon. Much has changed in the lives of Amazon women. In today’s modern society, the Amazon woman has awakened from the green jungle and entered into the 21st century. She arms herself with technology to make advances in the new world. Today’s woman is not so different from the Amazon woman, the striking anachronism in today’s advanced tools & technology. To bridge the chronological gap, Pastecchi’s artwork fuses modern technology and transposes it to ancient tools. I AMazon is an evolution; to be a warrior with incredible strength, self-sufficiency, and rise above challenges.

”Tedious work found its way into her latest collection, I AMazon, where the tabs were given new life as a suit of chain mail draped around the frame of a pregnant woman. The piece is both beautiful and functional, displaying Pastecchi’s artistic vision to full effect.” JESSICA ABLAMSKY- QUEENS TRIBUNE

Pastecchi has studied at NYC’s most prestigious art schools. She received her BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology and a MAT at The School of Visual Arts. When Pastecchi is not earning a degree she has traveled around the world, taking her sketchbook along for the fantastic art adventure. In NYC Pastecchi has performed at many Live Artist showcases and lends her artistic talents to fundraisers and benefits. Her artwork has been shown at many galleries and events in the tri-state area.

Works in Exhibition