Juried Student Exhibition 2018

Department of Art & Design

March 8, 2018 - April 19, 2018

Digital c-print by Dimitri Toumaras titled Throgs 1.


Many more are present and merit a visit.

Theirs is a generous offering.

Full marks for all the artists, all those that found a way in.

There is an anticipated structure in student work; that imposed by like assignment or instruction, to any particular collection. And so it becomes the task (and the delight) of the jury to select not the unique pieces but the ones that cause you to see the same in a new way. It is sometimes an interpretation, sometimes a pushing of execution that you sense, an impulse, the excited or meditative state of the artist and you wonder if this isn’t Kierkegaard’s dizzying freedom, the excitement of the artist who sees, not the way out but the way in.

Curator, A Coffey, 2018

Works in Exhibition

Exhibition Walkthrough