Kin: Contemplations

High School for Art & Business

June 23, 2016 - July 23, 2016

Digital print by Braxthon Saula titled Shed Blood.

In conjunction with the recent exhibition, Uncle Charlie, a partnership was forged between the QCC Art Gallery and the High School for Art & Business, Corona. The collaboration focused on creating artworks that celebrate the Queens community’s diversity. Aspiring artists from the High School for Art & Business engaged in several lessons concerning the family as a central theme. Multiple artistic platforms were explored, including digital film, graphic design, painting, and illustration. Marc Asnin presented a lecture at the High School that drew upon his experiences as a documentary photographer.

Commercial Design
Students incorporated typography and poetry to inform a portrait of a family member(s). Students wrote about their families using spoken word and poetry techniques and were then developed into a virtual representation in the form of a portrait using Adobe Illustrator.

Advanced Studio
Students took inspiration from a photograph to create a detailed painting and/or illustration of a family member or multiple members. A reflective writing piece was developed that discusses their creative process, including their thoughts, ideas, and artistic decisions regarding how he/she used his/her family members as subject matter.

Digital Film
Students created a documentary film with the central idea of family. The students worked with film editing software to creatively combine movies, photography, music, and dialogue to portray their documentaries.

The High School for Arts and Business (HSAB) is a dynamic learning environment that offers an array of coursework within the visual arts and business realm — while providing rigorous academic experiences in all subject areas. Our students do not come in with a portfolio however at HSAB, students have the opportunity to engage in a visual arts sequence that optimally leads to a Chancellors’ Endorsed Arts Diploma upon graduation. Throughout their four years as visual arts majors, students develop a multitude of skills ranging from studio practice and portfolio preparation to graphic design and technology.

Work in Exhibition