Reinvented War Memory

Patricia Dreyfus

September 17, 2009 - November 6, 2009

The Takeoff by artist Patricia Dreyfus. medium: c-print. date: 1942. dimensions: 12.96 x 18.84 inches

The QCC Art Gallery is honored to present Reinvented War Memory, by artist Patricia Dreyfus.  With her powerful images and sculpted clay heads, Patricia Dreyfus exhibits the sacrifice, willpower, and selflessness of war in Reinvented War Memory.  Dreyfus portrays World War II through her reinvented memories of the time. 

Although she did not physically experience the war, she is able to channel her feelings and secondhand memories through her artwork to examine World War II from a more distanced point.  In order to provide a greater sense of authenticity to her pieces, Dreyfus displays photo albums from the war in showcases and transforms some of these old photographs into digital paintings.  Each piece is connected to one another with Dreyfus’s signature clay head.  She incorporates these sculpted heads into each piece to display the link between past and present in her work.

Long time filmmaker Dreyfus provides a video in the exhibit in addition to the revamped photographs and sculpted clay heads.  In this way, she is able to satisfy different visual moods, all complement to one another.  Dreyfus’s work is emblematic of self-sacrifice; it shows us that despite all of the brutality and viciousness of war, these men were capable of overcoming this and were able to become selfless while holding on to their humanity.

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