Wenzhi Zhang Porcelains

October 12, 2023 to March 5, 2024


“In the earthly realm, April’s splendor fades,
As mountain temple blossoms commence their parade.
Longing for spring’s return, nowhere to be found,
Unaware it has arrived, on this sacred ground.”

Bai Juyi, Tang Dynasty, CE 772-846


Wenzhi Zhang, celebrated for over four decades in the realm of ceramic and porcelain art, has crafted masterpieces that resonate with both her challenges and accomplishments. Zhang’s journey encapsulates the thrill of creating exquisite pieces and grappling with the technical adversities of shrinkage and over-firing. Since 2018, her intensive endeavors in Jingdezhen, the epicenter of Chinese porcelain, have led to the development of high-temperature polychrome glazes that harmonize with her unique artistic vision. Her “Suture” series offers a contemporary perspective on porcelain works, blending mediums and integrating the Daqi decoration and golden repair (Kintsukuroi) techniques with the esteemed Chinese porcelain mending method, “Juci.” These artworks serve as emblems of resilience, mirroring global resolve in the face of adversities, including her personal reflections on the pandemic. As we navigate the remnants of these challenges, Zhang’s creations stand as a luminous testament to humanity’s unwavering spirit, highlighting our inherent capacity for rejuvenation and boundless growth.

Launching on October 12, 2023, this exhibition elegantly weaves together the dance of life’s imperfections and the transcendent beauty they can conjure. Seamlessly combining ancient traditions with modern techniques, Wenzhi Zhang’s “Suture” series stands as a poignant tribute to the power of restoration and hope. We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in these porcelain tales, letting their enduring spirit and unbridled creativity ignite a renewed sense of optimism and purpose within you.