10,000 Miles: Route 66 and Beyond

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10,000 Miles: Route 66 and Beyond, 2020
Bing Yang
ISBN: 978-1936658466 “ Language: English – Hardcover: 303 pages

The book 10,000 Miles, Route 66 and Beyond includes photography and poetries by Bing Yang focusing on his fascinating and nostalgic 36 day journey through 23 states in America.
Every spring and summer is my time to drive, and travel to different places on earth. In recent years I have traveled to Central Asia, through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, connecting me to the Silk Road I had earlier explored in Xinjiang, China. The dry desert climate makes me breathe differently. Somehow I feel be back soon. The year before driving through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, lost in the wilderness at midnight, I finally saw the light. What a beautiful land! This time around, as I opened and glanced over the map, my eyes settled at home on America. I waited sometime now, finally it’s time to follow Route 66 and beyond! I traveled and touched every part of the land, discovering places I’d never heard of before, the process exciting my emotions, allowing me to shoot images reflecting my spirit, allowing me to write, imagine, confirm and wonder.