Artur Golacki

Artur Golacki


A multidisciplinary artist working with traditional mediums as well as installations, photography, and digital processing, Art Golacki was born in Wroclaw, Poland where he also accomplished a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Since being granted British citizenship in 2006 he lived and worked in the United Kingdom, currently in Millport, Scotland.

A great adherent of Buddhist philosophy, Art believes that through inherited or taught patterns of constant judging and labeling we are unintentionally preventing ourselves from seeing the primordial, empty nature of everything. His work is an ongoing inquiry into whether it is possible to share the unanswerable questions through the intuitive artistic narrative.

Art prefers to follow the clarity of vision rather than cultivating uniform visual style, a sort of sophisticated trap as he sees it, leading to perhaps recognition and commercial success but also able to corrupt the true creativity.

He quietly admires the multidimensional genius of Leonardo da Vinci and the eclectic approach of Damien Hirst.

Artist Statement

I treat art as one of the finest ways to communicate my very intuitive understanding of existence. The process of creating is like a journey through contemplative moments blessed by an intellectually unpolluted vision. In a natural way, the unknown harmony is born and able to exist on its own. It always feels to me like being a messenger only.