Atsuko Mu Yuma

Oil on Canvas by Atsuko Mu Yuma titled Life Flow A.
Photograph of Atsuko Mu Yuma

Born in Japan, Yuma is a self-taught visual artist (performer, craft maker) who now resides in New York. She has been discovering the power of space and trying to find out where we came from and where we are going. Yuma says “Our body dies but life (spirit) is eternal.” She is a natural artist who does not have to strain to achieve perfection, but surrenders herself to her art through the spontaneous creation of images. The mystery of life and force of love that interconnects to all beings.

2015 Guest Lecturer “Art in the Global Age” at the Mushashino Art University in Japan
2012 Prize: “The New Figure Prize” from the Mushashino Art University in Japan

Solo Exhibition:
2016 Sep. Queensborough Community College Gallery In New York
2012 Shun Art gallery in Shanghai
2011 Interzone Arts in Las Vegas
2011 The International Center in New York (Charity Show for Japan)
2010 Sakkasan Gallery in Japan
2007 Hs Trash Gallery in Tokyo (Multi Media Show)
2004 Multimedia Show sponsor by Woodstock Museum
2003 Ithea Gallery in New York
1998 Janaki Art Gallery in New York

Group Exhibition:
2016 Nov. Gallery Max New York ( Musashino Art University Third Graduation Exhibition)
2016 May Kyushuu Earth Quick benefit Exhibition at the Gallery One Twenty Eight in NY
2015 Gallery MC in NY (Musashino Art University Second Graduation Exhibition)
2014 Gallery One Twenty Eight in New York
2013 Gallery One Twenty Eight in New York
2012 Dancing Painting with Fran McGee at the Theater for the New City & Hell’s Kitchen Festival in New York
2012 Resobox Gallery in NY (Musashino Art University Exhibition) won “New Figure Prize” from University
2010 Gallery One Twenty Eight in New York
2009 Gallery One Twenty Eight in New York
2008 Seed Gallery in New Jersey
2007 Sideshow Gallery in New York
2004 Burgen Museum in New Jersey
2003 Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in New York
2002 Gallery Juno in New York
2001 Gallery Juno in New York

Mural Work:
2003 Lyndon B Johnson Public School 223Q in New York
1998 416 BC Restaurant in New York
1964 Graduated from Musashino Art College in Japan