Breck Outland (1963 – )

Breck Outland

Artist Statement

I have drawn since childhood and began working in oils around age 13 at the encouragement of my uncle, who is himself an actor and artist at heart. School years brought about an early interest in the arts and sciences, in particular anatomy and physiology, which still inform my work. My current working background is rooted in technical drawing and mechanical engineering, which involves 3D modeling and design.

By contrast, regarding my drawings, most of the familiar mechanical reproduction techniques are excluded, e.g. photocopying, tracing, image projection, digital manipulation, etc. In other words, each line is directly drawn, painted, or sketched freehand. I believe that cultivating craftsmanship from the head, hand & heart working in unison is of primary importance in visionary figurative art.

Starting with a blank sheet and various grades of pencil, I begin by working from my figure sketches and notes to compose narratives that express fundamental qualities of the human condition, and further, imagining the subject grounded in mythic proportions or moving through esoteric avenues. An initiatic experience is perhaps encountered by contemplating the divinely creative and stark destructive forces of existence that in turn lead to higher vantage points from which to view both the miracles and tragedies of our times. My artwork originates from extensive study, direct experience, and lengthy contemplation, which may sometimes reveal unpleasant aspects.

Meditating from this occult point of view, my goal is to endow humanity’s struggles and potential with true dignity, yet without sinking into false sentimentality. Modernity constricts mankind within the wiles of utilitarianism and has made a caricature of humanity. I wish to tear away this veil of deception and reveal some intimation of our divine nature.

To speculate much more about “themes” or “motivation”, is of course, to do a disservice to what these pictures would truly have to say to you…