Brigid Marlin

Brigid Marlin


Brigid Marlin (1936 – ) was born in Washington, D.C., studied at the National College of Art, Dublin, the Centre d’Art Sacre, and the Atelier André L’Hote, Paris, the Beaux-arts, Montreal, and the Arts Students League of New York. Later she went to Vienna to learn the Mische technique, a process of painting which was a carefully guarded secret of the Flemish and Italian Renaissance painters and revived after painstaking research by Ernst Fuchs.

She founded the Inscape group of painters, which later became the International Society for Art of Imagination. It included imaginative painting, sculpture, drawings, and printmaking and is a registered U.S. charity.


Artist Statement

My paintings always arise from something that has happened to me in real life. The Rod represents a time when I felt depressed at the world we live in. It seemed all about fighting and horror. Water is a symbol of truth, and there was no water in the desert. But then I found that if we walk through the desert of unknowing there is a higher, spiritual world on a different level, and there we can find the truth.

Recent Exhibitions
Wednesday, 29 November to Friday, 1 December 2017, 11 am – 6 pm: “Brigid Marlin and Friends”, Bakers’ Hall, Harp Lane, London EC3R 6DP.
2017 from 12 November: The International Visionary Art Exhibition, Congress Center of Montreux, Switzerland.
2017 April-May: One Space Gallery, New York.
2016: Paris show, organized by Liba Stambulion; show in Seattle organized by Don Farrell at the Krab Jab Gallery, and Park Gallery, near Dresden, Germany.
2015: Jean Provonost, the new president of the Canadian Society for Art of Imagination, curated a well-attended show at the Art Deco Museum, Montreal, Canada.
2014: The Canadian Society for Art of Imagination opened with the theme, Art for Peace in the Moniker Gallery in Toronto. It featured over 50 International artists and was curated by Marina Malvada and Bhatboy, who also curated the second series of shows in Ottawa.
2013: Our Show at La Galleria, at the Royal Arcade, London, was opened by internationally famous harpist David Watkins, who played one of his compositions on the Harp.
2012: Brick Lane Gallery, London.
2011: The PhantastenMuseum was opened in Vienna this year. The Society for Art of Imagination was invited to show there, and many of us went over for the opening, to celebrate the first-ever Fantastic Museum for Imaginative Art. The Exhibition was opened by Professor Ernst Fuchs.
An Exhibition Fifty years Fantastic celebrating the Society from its first beginnings in 1960 was held in La Galleria at the Royal Arcade, London to celebrate our 50 years of existence, and opened by Mary O’Hara. Later, it traveled to Chicago where the Show entitled 5 decades of Fantastic was held at the Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago
2009: Carnival of Venice, selected works of the Society for Art of Imagination, InterArt Gallery, New York;
Exhibition at Wessobrun, Germany
Museum of Imagination, Denmark.
2007: Philadelphia Institute of Technology.
Vienna Art Park and Museum for Fantastic Art with work from the Society for Art of Imagination.
Visionary Art Center, Miami.
2006: H.R. Giger’s Castle Museum and Art Gallery.
2005: Festival of the Society for Art of Imagination, London.
2004: Society for Art of Imagination, European Tour.
2003 October: Brave Destiny, Williamsburg Art Center, New York.
2002, 2003: The Gallery, Cork Street, London.
2000: Visions of Venice exhibition of paintings by Brigid Marlin inspired by Venice. Portals Ltd, Chicago.
Third Open Exhibition of the Society for Art of Imagination, Mall Galleries, London.
Recent Works by Brigid Marlin, Nine Clarendon Cross, Holland Park, London.
Phantastik am Ende der Zeit, Stadtmuseum Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany.
1997: The Mayfield Gallery, Bournemouth.
1999: Opening ceremony when the BBC acquired the portrait of Cecil Lewis, one of the founders of the BBC, to hang in the boardroom at Bush House.
1996: Exhibition at Portals Ltd. Chicago.