David Cintron

Dave Cintron


Born in Cleveland and educated at Kent State University in studio arts and graphic design, David has been working as a visual artist and graphic designer in Cleveland for the past 22 years. His visceral collages, paintings, and drawings have been exhibited in solo and group shows regionally. Most recently, he won an honorable mention in the 2011 Lakeland May Show. Over the years his work has also been commissioned for album packaging, t-shirts, and concert posters.

A multi-instrumentalist, David has been writing, recording, and performing music since 1988. His solo work has primarily been focused on ambient soundscapes and electro-acoustic improvisation/composition. As a guitarist and bassist, David has led several heavy rock, avant, and improvisational bands and has been a hired recording and touring musician for others. Tape, synth, and general sound manipulation have been his role in other, particularly kosmische musik oriented, groups.