France Garrido

France Garrido


France Garrido was born in NYC, NY, of 1st generation Spanish & Italian parents, and was steeped in both cultures.  At the age of 7 her family moved from an urban setting, NYC, to a rural one, NJ, it was here where her love of nature was sparked; she was allowed to wander freely and explore the magic of the forest and all that presents itself in nature. While in middle school,  she visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, where she witnessed Dali’s ‘The Crucifixion’.  This painting had a profound influence on her; she was transfixed, everything around her seemed to vanish; standing in front of this painting cemented in her a desire to be an artist!

She attended Ramapo College, NJ, the Art Students League, NY, and independently studied the figure, where she developed from associating with more seasoned artists, including in that group was John Gaydos. Awarded a private grant to study the Mexican Mural Masterpieces, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, and Taxco had a great influence on her art-making; witnessing firsthand the work of Siqueiros, O’Gorman, Rivera, Kahlo, Camarena, et al. Simultaneously she began her deep exploration into collage, which grew into a lifelong passion.

In 2000, she co-founded & co-directed the Collage/Assemblage Society, NY and became Master Collagist, Jonathan Talbot’s, studio assistant.  It was here that she was introduced to other techniques, including Talbot’s unique approach and best practices. Consistently developing her own unique visual language, utilizing appropriated, self-generated, and manipulated images along with objects, papers, and a host of other elements.

As a Board Member of the Society for Art of Imagination, she is instrumental in developing exhibition opportunities for the Society and works hand in hand with Brigid Marlin, founder/artist to promote Visionary Art and the Societies involvement in this movement.  She is also on the exhibition committee for CMA2, a group for Mosaic & Ceramic artists.  Her work has been exhibited at the UN Conference on Women, Beijing, China, Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, IL, The Noyes Museum, NJ, QCC Art Gallery, NY, The Society for Art of Imagination at The Museum of Fantastic Art, Vienna, Edward Williams Gallery (solo show), Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ, NY Open Center (solo show), NY & Westbeth Gallery, NYC. She has worked hand in hand with Steven Peabody in the execution of commissioned, private & residential, works of art.

Ms. Garrido is best known for her highly detailed and intricate collage/mixed media works that exemplify the Surrealist & Visionary genre. Hannah Hoch, Salvador Dali, Egon Schiele, cultures (her own as well as others), and nature have and continue to inspire her. In 2009 she was honored to be in the ‘Top 10 Women in the Arts’, ARTROM Gallery, Rome Italy, Visionary Art Yearbook 2010-2011, Otto Rapp, and ‘Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler’, a compilation of International Surreal & Visionary Artists, Author/Curator Gerhard Habarta.

Artist Statment

There have been great influences in my life that have inspired my artistic growth.

Nature and Spirit are key to that growth.  I have been influenced by, and in particular, visionary and surrealist schools of art. For example, the work of Dali, Joseph Cornell, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, Egon Schiele, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, Hannah Hoch, & Indigenous cultures.

I began using the circle when my awareness of the earth, feminine nature, and spirit commenced.  I work on an intuitive level and let the piece speak to me during the process, whether I have an intent or not.  Experimenting with several mediums (acrylic paint, graphite, collage, mosaics, pen & ink) all present different challenges, characteristics, and possibilities to the execution of my work.  All of which I find have a limitless fascination.

Sacred geometry, is present in much of my work specifically, the circle and the circle in the square, these are sacred and universal symbols present in all religions & cultures.

I am seeking to touch, deep within the viewers’ spirit, truth or essence.

To awaken/nudge/shift the subconscious.

Seduction into another world…A world of vision and dream.