I Weave You a Shroud (Volume I)

I Weave You a Shroud (Volume I), 2009
Rosemarie Inge Koczÿ
ISBN-13: 978-0979938221

Language: English – Hardcover: 424 pages
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Revealed therein are her earliest memories of a childhood lost. Rosemarie’s deepest emotions, and thoughts about her life during and after captivity are described. Most remarkable are her earliest recollections from ages three to five during which she was held as a work slave in the fields and orchards of two different concentration camps. The four hundred twenty-four page hardcover facsimile of the handwritten translated text into English by her husband, Louis Pelosi. Volume 1 of a three-volume series. Originally, the series was published in French by Blanche-Marie and Alain Arnodo, Rosemarie’s friends and art collectors.