Introductory Essay 2019

The Department of Art and Design is proud to present the 2019 Annual Juried Student Exhibit. With 78 artists from 16 instructors, it is the greatest number of participants, yet a cushy testament to the endurance of the visual arts program and Queensborough’s continued commitment to and appreciation of their contribution.

It is the responsibility of the Art and Design faculty to discover, foster, and challenge in our student artists their capacity to execute successful work. It is our privilege to see revealed their inherent sensibility and response to their surroundings and once more gratifying for student and instructor to find common ground in multi-generational understandings of human nature. This year’s exhibition, like past shows, provides a signature of its time; that is its worth, seeped eternal elements are its validation. The works represent immediate observations, direct registrations of evolving mediums, and absorb and tell of shifts in perspective while invariably tethered to human experience. Fashionable techniques and subjects are demonstrated by their prevalence but given weight through evinced human reaction. The take-away, and ultimately the show’s offering, is what continues to compel documentation, to be aesthetically pleasing, to constitute the quelling of chaos, to be harmonious and thus engage.

The faculty and student artists invite you to witness our findings.

A. Coffey, Professor, Department of Art & Design, 2019