John Seabury

John Seabury


John Seabury created Pyno Man who appeared on hundreds of flyers for the late ‘70s pre-punk noise-pop band Psycotic Pineapple (he was also the bass player). Educated at the San Francisco Art Institute, Seabury is a fine artist with an attention to detail and line work that borders on psychotic obsessiveness. For decades, Seabury has been a working artist with a broad command of varied techniques and mediums. While continuously expanding the limits of his repertoire, he has engaged in the production of…

  • Fine Art Commissions, Original Works, Illustrations
  • Posters, Flyer Creation, Printmaking
  • Paintings, Sculpture, Caricatures, Cartoons
  • Custom Product Packaging, Advertisements, Apparel Design

Artist Statement

Zabadak …”Look for meaning, not in words”

Visual imagery might not “transcend” intellectual verbiage, but it can stand up on its own without explanation. I have learned that, at times, I need to free my work from rational thought.

I practice the same sort of motile kinesthesia found in music and sports. It is dependant on the moment, the here and now. There are no undos. It is a record of the action, evidence of will. The faena of my prosthetic stylus abreacts the tension of iconolatry and relieves my crippling abulia.

The textual necrophagia common in modern critical perception is a distraction to abstraction. The trabeated, linear design of the written word can be a ladder or the bars of a cage. I will not nobble my hand with the jactitation of over-analysis.

The ramose chaos of the drawn line causes saccades, allowing the mind to perceive and proceed without conscious thought. The demulcent curves become falcate and thorny, snagging wafting flinders of thought, holding them fast.