Kayla Rosario

Kayla Rosario - QCC student and Priva B. Gross internship recipient a

As someone who has always felt connected to art, I felt as though I had to go through certain trials and tribulations to realize that art was the answer that I have been seeking. It can be difficult to navigate through college as a young adult. But I’ve realized every setback that I have experienced was meant to be a detour on my own personal journey. It wasn’t supposed to be a straight path to the finish line. My path was supposed to have turns and spirals at some moments.

Every detour I encountered was the universe’s way of guiding me toward where I was meant to be all along. Looking back, art was a way of expressing myself as a little girl up until now. I think I’ve always known that I wanted my career to involve creative freedom. I wanted to be able to create and express myself without feeling as though I am being put into a box. Multifaceted is a word I believe best describes who I am as a person. Art is powerful. Being that I am able to use different art mediums to create and express myself makes me a powerful individual. Art has the power to inspire. If I am able to inspire others when I embark on my future career, I would feel as though I have succeeded as a well-rounded human being.

Since working as an intern at the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery, I have realized why I enjoyed the experience greatly. This internship opportunity supported my interest in the art administrated field and prepared me with hands-on experience in this area. Every time I stepped foot into the gallery, there was this level of spontaneity that drew me in. From taking pictures of art objects to recording information about the art objects in booklets and to cataloging the art gallery library publication. It wasn’t the same routine all the time, and I strongly believe that is what allowed me to gain so much knowledge from this experience. That is what ultimately made this internship a successful opportunity.