Kim M Evans

Kim M Evans


Kim Evans’ (Australia) detailed, other-worldly imagery is drawn from and explores the unconscious and the rich language of dreams & symbols. Inspired by Nature, Wisdom Traditions, and Symbolism, re-occurring themes in Kim’s work include the feminine psyche, transformation/metamorphosis, and human/animal nature.

Artist Statement

I often begin the creative process with an active play of random, abstract mark-making. These marks ground my presence in the physical surroundings and initiate my intentions to engage deeper. When I enter this nonpictorial space as a doorway, I am connected to a timeless landscape and source of fantastic imagery, where archetypes and symbols manifest. The conscious working aspects of creating take a back seat, relying on intuitive knowledge from constant practice of observation, drawing, reflection, reading, and writing, thus allowing the imagery to be entirely drawn out of the abstract marks as the imagination and unconscious are engaged.

Creating becomes an open, meditative dialogue/process – responding to the marks, medium, and flow of emerging imagery – I have the feeling of transcribing lucid or waking dreams. For me, the works are stories that express the visions of Soul language, deep, rich and enigmatic, universal and personal. Each work expresses a journey of wonder and discovery, a love and appreciation of connection with the divine nature of Self and our layers of beautiful complexity.