Luchia Meihua Lee

Luchia Meihua Lee is the founding Executive Director of the Taiwanese American Arts Council. She has over two decades of experience as an independent curator, cultural programming organizer, and arts writer dedicated to supporting and promoting diverse artists and creators in the field. Currently residing in New York City since 1995, she has overseen exhibitions, created programs and events, secured funding and partnership support for projects, and worked collaboratively with artists, curators, community groups, and others to expand access to and conversation about contemporary art and the community.

Lee has curated many significant exhibitions at various museums, art organizations, and galleries, and published numerous essays and catalogs. Her exhibitions have received international acclaim from leading media venues including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Lee has also served as Director and Chief Curator of the Exhibition Department of the National Taiwanese Museum of Art, Cultural Specialist at the Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan, and curator at the Chinese Information and Cultural Center Taipei Gallery at Rockefeller building in New York City.

Lee received her M. Phil in the History of Art and Architecture at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, with a thesis on Insular art, with a focus on the use of new technology for the exhibition of Medieval manuscripts. She is a committee member and art consultant of numerous art organizations and has served on many art juries, such as for Queens Arts Council, LMCC, and several community art organizations.

Lee is an accomplished curator who has organized numerous exhibitions and events at museums, art organizations, and galleries. She has also published many essays and catalogs on art. In 2015, she initiated a multi-venue community and international collaboration called The Moment, which involved working with the New York Hall of Science, Queens Botanical Garden, the NYC Parks Department, Queens Museum, and Tenri Cultural Center. The project was a great success and helped bring diverse communities together.

In 2016-17, Lee was the lead curator on another multi-venue exhibition entitled Rewoven. The exhibition took place at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum, QCC Art Gallery/CUNY, and Williamsburg’s El Museo de Los Sures. The exhibition was a significant success and showcased the work of many talented artists.

In 2019, Ms. Lee formed and led a curatorial team that celebrated cultural diversity through a multi-venue exhibition called Urban Tribes. The exhibition was a great success and showcased the work of many talented artists from around the world. Additionally, Ms. Lee curated CC Yang’s Reclaiming the Vision, the Urban Hakka Tribes exhibition from HsinChu, Taiwan, and the AR-enabled exhibition Eve Clone Augmented Reality at QCC Art Gallery.

During the pandemic, Lee continued to manage a virtual gallery and compose eblast pages for the Artist to Watch series. In 2022, she curated the exhibition From Urban Reverence to Urban Divergence and various conjunction programs in three venues across NYC. In 2023, she is organizing thematic projects: NYC Art Bridge will be held will be held at QCC Art Gallery and on Governors Island, and From Island to Island which will be held on Governors Island.