Marc Seidler

Marc Seidler was born in Palestine on February 27, 1939. He was nine years of age when in Israel was declared a state (May 1948).

Many years later, after his family emigrated to Australia, Marc became an entrepreneur and hotelier. The hotel business that he owned was situated on a tiny, remote island called Daru off the southeast coast of New Guinea. There he stayed for 11 years and grew an appreciation for the culture and tradition of the people from the Papuan Coast.

Marc has witnessed the transformation of Papua New Guinea as Australian territory to provisional self-government (1974) to totally independent nation (1975). Marc remained on the island after it gained its independence. His appreciation for the culture and tradition is evident in his collection.

The art in this exhibit was collected during Marc’s time in Daru and the Papuan Gulf region. His collection was eventually transported to the Papua New Guinea capital of Port Moresby. From there, they moved on to Honolulu, then Los Angeles, and eventually to their new homes in New York State and Canada. However, wherever they go, these artworks carry with them the lives, beliefs, and in some ways the souls of their creators.

Marc Seidler died in Australia on April 8, 2020.