Olga Spiegel

Olga Spiegel


Olga Spiegel, who was brought up and trained in Europe, lives and established her studio in New York.

Her work has evolved from the abstract and optical energy fields influences of the 1960s through the later study of the Old Master’s technique with Ernst Fuchs, to her current unique visionary alphabet, which has lately included computer, digital paintings.

Nurtured by Psychedelic Art, European Fantastic Realism, Surrealism, and Science Fiction, her art points to an inner process, a chemical visual interaction where the inner self’s, messages are deciphered through images and symbols taking the viewer into an edgy realm of realism and unnamable forms.

On the wings of improvisation free-flowing images and color create associations to uncover a mysterious universe.
Ancient icons, space-age imagery with metaphysical overtones, that reveal an evolutionary flowering, nature and its organisms populated into a myriad of forms.

Her work has been shown in galleries and private collections in Europe and America and has been cited in many books and publications.

Artist Statement

In my paintings, the meaning is open to interpretation where the viewer in interactive participation senses subtle dimensions, enigmatic psychological narratives.
My paintings are poetic apparitions where the world is the kindling consuming fire for the soul.
At the tip of my brush lies a universe, dormant, yet willing to let me stroke by stroke manifest surprising effects of strange beauty, primal meaning slumbering beneath the world of appearance.