Pey-Chwen Lin

Pey-Chwen was born in Taiwan in 1959. her works are presented in many major museums and galleries all around the world such as Queens Museum of Art in New York, CUNY/QCC Art Gallery in New York, Godwin-Ternbach Art Museum in New York, New York Art Foundation, TAAC Tribeca/E. Tay/R Gallery, American University Art Museum in Washington DC, San Francisco University Art Museum, Moscow Platform Art Space, Lviv National Art Museum in Ukraine, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje/Croatia: Galerija AŽ Atelieri Žitnjak, Zagreb/Slovenia: SCCA–Ljubljana Center for Contemporary Arts /Germany: art space “Rosalux” in Berlin, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, MOCA Taipei, Kaohsiung Museum of Arts, Taidung Museum of Art, Guandu Art Museum, Fong-Chia Art Museum, MoNTUE Museum, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Doland Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing 798 Artist Village, etc. Also, her works are exhibited in many important biennales, exhibitions, festivals and art fairs such as Florence Biennale, Taipei Biennale, Taiwan Biennale, 40 Years Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Poland WRO Media Art Biennale, French Exit and Via Festival, 404 International Technology and Art Festival, Asian Women’s Art Exhibition, Taipei Art Fair, Taichung Art Fair, Singapore Art Stage Art Fair, etc.

Her achievements were recorded in many art journals, history books, art magazines and art achieves all around the world such as “ n.paradoxa International feminist art journal”, “East Asian Journal of Popular Culture”, “International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries”, “History of Contemporary Taiwan Woman Artists”, “Installation Art in Taiwan”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art Series”, “The History and Development of Digital Art”, “Art of Taiwan”, “Digital Aesthetics”, “Art Island-An Archive of Taiwan Contemporary Artists”, “ Taiwan High School Art Textbook”, “Art, Gender and Education”, “Taiwan Digital Art E Files”, “Yearbook of Chinese Contemporary Art”, “Asian Who’s Who”, “Artist Magazine”, “ARTCO Magazine”, “Asia Art Archive”, “Taiwan Digiarts”, “Artemperor Taiwan”, “Taiwan Contemporary Art Archive”, “”, ”Achieve of Digital Art”, “Peripheral ARTeries Biennale”, etc. Her “Eve Clone Series” has become a significant topic of discussion around the world and was featured in “40 Years Edition of Chronicles of Taiwan Contemporary Art”, the Special Column of Global Women’s Museum IGNITE, Melbourne agIdeas International Conference, and Oxford University “The Borders of digital Art International Symposium”, etc.

Pey Chwen’s works are collected in national and international art museum, galleries, cultural centers, private art organizations and collectors including art museum of University of Wolloongong in Australia, art museum of Rosario University in Argentina, the Independent |Artist in Italy, Douro Printmaking Biennial, 404 International Festival of Art and Technology, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taichung Fine Art Museum, Tainan Cultural Center, Gallerie Pierre Art, Galerie Grand Siecle, B.B.Art, Da Xiang Art Space, Ye Rongjia Art Foundation and many private collectors. Several pieces of public art are collected in major organizations, institutions and schools including the Kaohsiung MRT, National Center for High-Performance Computing, National Art Village, Tsinghua University Art College, The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University and Yilan Science Park of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Judge, Committee and Speaker
Taiwan Art Award, Kaohsiung Art Award, Toyuan Art Award, Da Dun Art Award, Taipei Digital Art Award, K.T. Art Award, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Australia agIdeas International Design Competition, JAGUAR Asia Tech Art Prize, International juror member for Accelerate@CERN Taiwan, etc. The committee for National Palace Museum, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Science, Taipei City Cultural Bureau, Taichung Cultural Bureau, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, etc. Also, the Keynote Speaker at several domestic and international seminars such as agIdeas International Design Forum in Australia, International Exhibition and Seminar in Queens Museum of Art in New York, New York Foundation of Arts, American University Museum in Washington DC, Loughborough University Academic Conference and Forum in England, 404 International Festival of Art & Technology in Argentina and Moscow, etc.

Achievements of Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab
Pey-Chwen Lin founded “Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab” in 2001 as part of Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts. Many works created by the lab’s members with Prof. Jason Lee’s technical assistance have gained many awards such as Taipei Art Awards, Taipei International Digital Art Award, Da Dun Prize, K. T. Award, Taipei Performance Art Prize, 404 International Art Festival, International Shanghai Electronic Art Festival, Chinese Character Art Festival, Taipei Shanghai 2 Cities’ Cultural and Art Exhibition, International D&AD Student Awards in England, Siggraph Asia, Arte Laguna Prize in Italy, The Special Jury Award and the First Prize in Enghien-les- Bains Digital Art Festival in France. In 2010, Professor Lin led a team to create the interactive performance works “Nexus” and “Happening Rehearsal “have selected by Taipei Interactive Performance Award. “Nexus” even gained a grant from Taiwan’s Council of Cultural Affairs’ flagship program for technology and performance arts. This work was also nominated during the 12th International Prague Quadrennial. ”Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Art Lab” is one of the most important digital art groups in Taiwan with lot of international achievements and reputation.