Scott Rodolitz

Scott Rodolitz

Scott Rodolitz is a career art historian and ethnographer for nearly 40 years, he has been a gallery director, researcher and doctoral student at the Russian Academy of Sciences, publisher, and the first Global Director of Bonhams African and Oceanic department in NY, as well as a certified appraiser of African, Oceanic and Native American Art and president of Rodolitz Appraisal and Consulting Services.

He’s the author of numerous books and articles, many coauthored with the late Dr. Arthur P. Bourgeois, to whom he was primary research assistant.

1982-1985 New York University, New York, USA
Major: Anthropology/Comparative Religion (Dean’s List)
1986-1988 Hoftsra University, New York, USA
Major: Philosophy and Comparative Religion, Minor: Anthropology (Dean’s List)
1996 – 2002 Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia Aspirant: African Sector, unanimous acceptance under director Dr. S. Chernetsov, Preparation for Doktorskaya Disertatsiya: Doctoral program.
Thesis: “Style-Complexes and Meta-complexes as a means of developing a new attributional Paradigm with regards to the Arts of D.R. C. Congo” (Status as Aspirant remains but studies have been suspended due to death of advisor and Department head)


1987 – 1988 -Museum of the American Indian/Heye Foundation,
Intern, Registration department
1988 -1992 -Graven Images Ltd., African Art Gallery, New York City, NY. Director, sole purchasing agent
1993 – 1995 – Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia Associate researcher,
assisting in Re-cataloging 12,000 + African Objects
1994- 1998 – Man’s Heritage Press Ltd. Editor-in-Chief, Publication of Scholarly journals and Art books
1999 – 2010 -Ethnos Enterprises Inc.,
Director. Publishing, Appraisal services, and Expertise for Ethnographic Aris
2006- 2009 – Bonhams & Butterfields Auctioneers and Appraisers
Director – Global Department or African and Oceanic Art. NY office, Madison Ave.
2009 -Present – Rodolitz Appraisal services Inc.

1994 “Towards an Understanding of Style Complexes as a Means of Determining the Attribution of Masks of Eastern and Northeast Central Zaire”, St. Petersburg Journal of African Studies, Vol. I, Number 2. lzd. Evropiesky Dom, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1994
1994 “The Theoretical basis for the system of aesthetic complexes as a means of attribution for the Arts of Zaire” Proceedings of the Spring conference of African Studies in honor of Dr. Dmitri Olderogge. lzd. Nauka, St. Petersburg, Russia. 1994-1995
(published in Russian)
1996 “Problems of attribution in the Arts of Central Africa” Proceedings of the Spring conference of African Studies in honor of Dr. Dmitri Olderogge. lzd. Nauka, St. Petersburg, Russia. 1996 (Published in Russian)
1997 “Baba Talibi Kaba; An obituary”, H-Net Africa.
Available at:­africa&month=9702&week=d&msg=Pu5B2tM1 TPvoguDL2s2HYQ&user=&pw=
1997 Rdnv nting Africa, Book Review. Published to H-Net Africa, and Numerous Websites.
Available at: btlp://;l10wlist.cgi?s01:t ‘tle&Lists=H-AfrArts
2002 Emblem of-Passage (contributing editor), MOCFA, San Francisco.
2003 Remnants of Ritual: The Gelbard. Collection of African Art. Bourgeois, Arthur and Rodolitz, Scott. Ethnos, New York, 2003.
2003 “Replica or reference? A reassessment of Pende Ikhoko”, Feature article, Summer 2003 Tribal Arts Magazine, San Francisco, Ca. 2003
2007 – 2009 – All Bonhams catalogs for African and Oceanic Att
2012 The Face oftbc Sunset: Africau art ofLifo, Dc·Hh, and Transformation. Zarya Publications, New York.
2012 Transformations: The African rt of ‘han 7C (General editor, contributor) Tennessee State Museum, Tennessee.
2013 Refined eye, passional heart: The Leslie Sacks collection of African Art
(contributor, designer). Skira, Milan
2016 Ancestors. Rodolitz, Scott and Bourgeois, Arthur with Maples, Amanda. Canon publications. New Hampshire.
2018 Images from the Darkness: Postcards of colonial Africa from the om the Gelbard collection
(General editor, contributor). Zarya Publications, New York (In contract)
2018 Kuba Masking: a regional and temporal study. The Bakuba Archives Press, New York and Kinshasa. (in contract)

Affiliations and Positions
1993 – Associate staff member, Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1994 – St. Petersburg Union of Scientists and Scholars, (Sankt Petrbourgski Soyuz Ouchionikh) #444
1995- 1996 Assistant Editor, St. Petersburg Journal of African studies, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1998- 2011 Guest lecturer, Worlds of Art, Internet Course, Governor’s State University, with Dr. Arthur P. Bourgeois. Asian and Russian Art specialist.
2002 – Present – Senior Consultant by appointment of his majesty, Nyimi Kwete, The Bakuba Archives LLC.
2008 – Present – Certified Appraiser/member, International Fine Art Appraisers (IFAA).

Selected Major Appraisal and Consulting History
1989-1991 – Appraisal of the Groudine collection of African and Oceanic Art for donation to the Seattle Art Museum.
1993- 1995 – Consultant to the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1995- Present – Consultant to Charles Jones African Art, Wilmington, NC
1995 – 2002 – Consultant to Galle1y DeRoche, San Francisco, CA
1996 – 2006 – Collections consultant to the McConnell Collection, Charlottesville, Va.
1998 – Present – Collections consultant to the Gelbard Collection, New York, NY.
1998 – 2002 – Expert in charge, African dept. Arte Primitivo Gallery and Auctioneers
2002 – 2004 -Appraisal of the Robert Hanns collection of Lega Art- Peabody Museum, Yale University. (274 pieces)
2004 – 2006 – Curator of African Art- Teplitzky Collection, Denver, Co.
2003- Guest Curator – “Remnants of Ritual”, Governors State University; University Park, IL.
2003- 2004 Guest Curator/Lecturer -“Remnants of Ritual”, Krannert Art Musem; University of Illinois, Urbana -Champaign.
2004 Curatorial consultant – “The African Art Experience”, Belger Art foundation, Kansas City.
2005 Associate Curator- “Remnants of Ritual”, The Tall Grass Art Foundation, Chicago, IL.
2006 Curator – Images of Central Africa: Photography and Ethnography. Governor’s State University, University Park, IL.
2006 Author/Consultant – The Harms Collection of Lega Art at the Peabody Museum. Yale University, New Haven, CT.
2005 -2010-Global Director of Department- Bonhams, NY – African and Oceanic Art (preparation and completion of auction catalogs, sales and all business related to African art for Bonhams world-wide).
20 IO – Appraisal of parts of the Tanncncbaum Collection of African art, for donation to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, OT, for the CCPERB, Canada.
2010 -2014 – personal curator -Saleh Collection of African Art, VA
2012 -Guest Curator -The Face of Sunset-Tall Grass Art Association, IL
2012 – 2016 – Consultant-The Cobbs Auctioneers and appraisers.
African, Oceanic and Ethnographic arts.
2013 -Appraisal – The Leslie Sacks collection.
2014 – Appraisal – The Underground Railroad Museum
2014/2015 – Appraisal -SUNY Brockport
2016 -Guest Curator -Ancestors – Tall Grass Art Association, IL
2017 -Consultant-Heritage Auctions, Dallas TX.
2017 -Appraisal -Oberlin College, OH
2017 -Appraisal – Lasalle College, PA