Shahla Rosa

Shahla Rosa


One of the most inspirational female artists around today, Shahla Rosa is a contemporary surrealist artist whose work is truly magical. Rosa has been working in the surrealist style for the last 25 years and finds herself inspired by some of the greatest artists of the Surrealist Movement that began in the 1920s. Artists like André Breton, Salvador Dali, Frederico Fellini and Hieronymus Bosch. Working mainly with Oil on Canvas, Rosa’s work really brings the painting to life. She won several national prizes in her teenage years and this recognition of her talent inspired her to pursue a career in the world of art. Rosa was passionate about art from early on in her childhood. Her father, an amateur painter, began mentoring her at the tender age of just five. Passing on his skills and techniques to her and introducing her to ‘a galaxy of creation’. She spent the rest of her youth studying art in Europe, attending both the Kunst Academy in Düsseldorf and the Institute European in Florence. Rosa later returned to Southern California to study for two more degrees, in Technical Production and Fashion Design. Rosa’s work is very typical of the Surrealist Movement. Her paintings are intricate and detailed with unexpected juxtapositions and they have a dreamy, hallucinatory quality to them. Rosa also writes surrealist poetry in her spare time, but her true love and favorite means of expression will always be painting. She believes the source of all creation is pure consciousness. Attempting to free the unconscious and present it at the moment. Her art is a manifestation of the mind, the exploration of a dream world. It brings the subconscious into reality in order to establish a relationship between the two. By stepping into the field of the unknown, Rosa’s work challenges people on both a conscious and subconscious level. Successfully bringing one of the most dominant and influential art movements forwards into the 21st century.

Artist Statement

In my artworks, there is a dreamy, hallucinatory quality to the imagination but the overwhelming impression is one of nature animated by Eros.

Surrealism’s desire to project psychic reality onto the natural world, to transform landscape according to the dictates of inner life, which curiously invented by my own self. My symbolic journeys deep into myself. Earth and Galaxy, leads her to a point at which she and other blends together and fantastic imagination grows directly from zero. I believe that it is through the exploration of the unconscious and the projecting of the dream state into reality, that I reach new levels of creative imagination. I try to release my desire into the world in an image of every personality’s beauty both ethereal and fragmentary.