Shangaa: Art of Tanzania

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Shangaa: Art of Tanzania, 2013
Gary van Wyk
ISBN-10: ‎ 1936658143 – Language: English – Hardcover: 342pages
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Shangaa: Art of Tanzania is a lavishly illustrated survey of the traditional art of Tanzania, with essays by leading art historians from the United States, Tanzania, South Africa, and Germany, who draw on fresh research in the field. This standalone volume accompanied the exhibition of the same name, which debuted at QCC Art Gallery, City University of New York (CUNY) and went on to Portland Museum of Art, Maine. Curated by Gary van Wyk, it was the first major exhibition outside of Germany and Tanzania to focus on this topic, and this is the first comprehensive volume in English on Tanzanian art. The 342-page book is lavishly illustrated with the art work that was on exhibit and is in other collections, along with both archival images and contemporary photographs of art practices. It includes a specially commissioned map, a comprehensive index and bibliography, and promises to be an indispensable contribution to the field of African Art.

by Gary van Wyk (Author), Aimée Bessire (Contributor), Giselher Blesse (Contributor), Alexander Bortolot (Contributor), Silvia Dolz (Contributor), Mohammed Jaffer (Contributor), Sandra Klopper (Contributor), Fadhili Mshana (Contributor), Rehema Nchimbi (Contributor), Allen F. Roberts (Contributor), Barbara Thompson (Contributor)