Steven Peabody

Steven Peabody


Steven Peabody was born November 14, 1947, in Manhattan. He attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC, NY. Studying with, amongst other artists, Gil Stone who introduced him to classical layering techniques utilizing under painting and over painting, from the Renaissance period which had a profound influence on his artistic evolution.

Early influences were Dali and Roberto Matta and during the 1980’s Ed Paschke and Alex Grey. Pivotal points came after art school when Peabody’s style developed from classical surrealism to biomorphic surrealism with the addition of sacred geometry. Later exploration was a study of Mandalas which produced the “Diamond” series.

Retuning to figurative work and experimenting with color bleeds and auras, in an effort to create luminous figures, he now works with composite figures and symbols to develop paintings expressive of the holistic human condition. The newest work is on translucent white acrylic with transparent paint which becomes luminous when lit from behind.

Artist Statement 

The object of my art is to explore the creative process using symbols of reality and fantasy to produce paintings of transcendental thought.