John Hultberg

Archives and Collection

Permanent Collection

Edge of Dump

The Hultberg Collection and Archives is a comprehensive record of the American artist’s impressive career. The offerings include the progression of Hultberg’s skills throughout his impressive five-decade career.  The abstract expressionist is known for his dark moody landscapes incorporating architectural and figurative elements almost belie a painting category. He is considered a maverick painter, he forged a very original style of his own, which some have called Apocalyptic, Surreal, or Visionary.

The scope of the collection is composed of Hultberg’s paintings, lithography, drawings displaying the progression of his creative depth.

The archival holdings featured in the collection are documents and correspondences, personal writings, interviews and other ephemera that focus on the artist’s personal musings.

Hultberg’s distinguished career spans over five decades with numerous exhibitions in the United States and abroad.