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European Master Drawings

The exhibition features a notable selection of Spanish drawings, with works by Murillo, Alonso Cano, Maella, Camaron, Vicente Lopez, and Isidre Nonell. Drawings from Italy are also well represented. 

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Wenzhi Zhang Porcelains

This exhibition elegantly weaves together the dance of life’s imperfections and the transcendent beauty they can conjure.

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Self-portrait in the Style of Mickalene Thomas by artist Joli Ramos. Digital collage, 2022. 12x9 inches

Juried Student Exhibition 2023

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. This is the fifteenth annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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NYC Art Bridge

In collaboration with the Taiwanese American Arts Council, the QCC Art Gallery presents CHATogether: a workshop & seminar that coincides with the art exhibition NYC Art Bridge: Wellness through Art.

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CHATogether is a program that aims to facilitate child-parent communication, break stigma, and develop effective coping skills in a culturally sensitive manner.

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Helmet Mask from the Yaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Art of the Yaka and Suku

In memory of Dr. Arthur P. Bourgeois, the exhibition features some of the finest examples of masks, power objects and figures from the Yaka and Suku region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Curated by Scott Rodolitz.

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Untitled c-print photograph by Eleanor M. Imperato

Purple Sins

The exhibition and accompanying publication features the work of Eleanor M. Imperato, a writer, poet and photographer.

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Transporting the Spirit

The exhibition presents works from the collection of Marc Seidler and displays the power associated with the objects made by the people of the Papuan Gulf, Papua New Guinea. Curated by Scott Rodolitz.

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2021 - 2022

Chelsea Cameron Model of The Pyramid of the Louvre Museum, Paris, France. medium: plexiglass, foam core. date: 2018

Architecture Student Exhibition 2022

The exhibition displays a broad range of design that highlights select architectural models of the students enrolled in the Department of Engineering Technology.

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Becoming by Eugenia

Juried Student Exhibition 2022

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. This is the fourteenth annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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A Tribute

A selection of photography paying tribute to the 20th Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. All photography taken by former QCC student and firefighter, Chris Landano at Ground Zero.

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Assemblage (after J Cornell) by Nadya Marin. Medium: Found objects. Size 9 x 11 x 4.5 inches Date 2020

Juried Student Exhibition 2021

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. Though virtual, this exhibition is the thirteenth annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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Juried Student Exhibition 2020

The QCC Department of Art and Design is pleased to present the 2020 Juried Student Exhibition. The exhibition has become an annual unveiling of our students’ artistic prowess and success. As faculty we embrace the opportunity to work with these young artists, to guide their growth and witness their potential as makers and thinkers unfold.

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A collage by artist Miriam Beerman. medium: mixed media

Miriam Beerman

Miriam Beerman is a prolific American artist whose work reveals her deep emotional responsiveness to the tragedies of the human experience, both historical and modern. The collage work highlights her sympathetic preoccupation with injustice and tragedy through the visual expression of strong emotions, as well as her quick intellect, her erudition, her sense of humor, and, importantly, her intuitive, spontaneous artistic process.

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American flag waving


Spanish artist Josefina Bruns presents her series of busts of former Presidents of the United States (P.O.T.U.S.).

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Image of arts Chin Chih Yang (CC Yang)

Reclaiming The Vision

CC Yang’s work addresses society’s efforts to protect itself physically and psychologically against various catastrophes, both natural and man-made. These catastrophes include environmental problems, pollution, climate change and the ongoing Amazon fires, as well as the effects of totalitarianism.

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Digital print with AR installation and hand drawing by Pey-Chwen Lin titled Making of Eve Clone of Eve Clone Portrait IIAR.

Eve Clone Augmented Reality

Taiwanese artist Pey-Chwen Lin embraces digital technology to create an interactive experience using iconic imagery from Italian master Leonardo DaVinci . The result is a digitally enhance character named – Eve Clone. The final touch uses AR techniques that transform Eve Clone from a static print into dynamic video simulation that interacts with the audience.

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Oil on canvas by Chin-Lung Huang titled 20 Fluttering Colorful Clouds.

Sakura Obsession

Taiwanese artist Chin-Lung Huang blends the artistic styles of East and West culture creating gorgeous paintings of the Japanese national flower, the sakura, commonly known as cherry blossoms.

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Plaster by Genesis Blanco titled Loving Touch.

Juried Student Exhibition 2019

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. This is the eleventh annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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Painting by artist Peter Pacheco

Between Flesh and Brick

Peter Pacheco is, in a certain sense, an outsider artist. He is no outsider to formal training or art history, but his artistic practice and impressive oeuvre, part of which is exhibited here at the QCC Art Gallery, has been honed in private, in the evenings and days off from his job as a nurse in an intensive care facility in a public hospital, intentionally outside the gaze of the gallerists.

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Oil on linen by Ard Berge titled The Bounty (For Sale By Owner).

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Ard Berge presents a series of oils on linen that explore the landscape as the stage upon which the American experience unfolds and identity is redefined.

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The QCC Art Gallery in collaboration with Taiwanese Art organizations: Hua Shan Station, Playful Studio, Whyixd, Renato Lab, and Natural Kind Inspiration Solutions presents WoW Taiwan! As an interactive multimedia experience, WOW Taiwan presents a unique interpretation of Taiwan and its rich culture through multiple installations and a performance.

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Oil on Linen by Santiago Garci titled Nueva York I.

From La Mancha to New York

The artworks of the exhibition were created in the central region of Spain in Castilla-La Mancha, best known as the setting for Don Quixote, as well as for its glorious sunflowers and fertile olive groves.

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Mask showing facial distortion made with wood, black and white pigments.

Deformity Masks and their Roles in African Culture

The exhibition features Ann Goerdt’s collection of masks that depict deformities originating from a variety of regions across the continent of Africa. Exhibition will be on view on the balcony gallery.

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Painting of flowers that used ottchil, mother-of-pearl, toner, wood, ramie, tile ash. dimensions: 31.5 x 78.74 x 2.4 inches. date: 2018.

Daqi As Medium

Delve into the DAQI as Medium exhibition where each artwork embodies profound human connections, akin to nurturing a family, inviting viewers to explore life’s essence through unique narratives.

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Thin, hardened material placed up like a wall with strings laid out in front of it


The exhibition showcases twenty-four artists whose extraordinary creativity and commitment to nature, environmental, and social issues are addressed in a convergence of painted, woven, netted, sewn, assembled and installed artworks.

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Digital c-print by Dimitri Toumaras titled Throgs 1.

Juried Student Exhibition 2018

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. This is the tenth annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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Kono Helmet Mask made with wood, animal horns, fur, soil, metal.

Traditional African Art

The Liren Wei Collection depicts a broad and exciting vision of traditional art in Africa. Presented in this exhibition are objects from areas as geographically diverse as the West African savanna and the forests of the Congo Basin.

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Walrus sculpture made out of ivory

Carving Life

The exhibition provides an intimate perspective of Alaskan sculpture in the context of both artist and audience. The sculpture selected focuses on the walrus ivory carvings and carvers of western Alaska, of the coast and islands of the Bering Sea.

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Photo of Queens Pride Parade participants carry the LGBT rainbow flag.

Lavender Line

The exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY and the New York City Council, through the office of Daniel Dromm (District 25).

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Cray pas on oak tag by George Rini titled True Love.

Dance with Me

The exhibition presents a collection of George Rini’s representative creations, offering insight into his thoughts and experiences accumulated over his illustrious career as an established artist.

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Inkjet print by Gianni Fernandez titled November 2017.

Juried Student Exhibition 2017

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. This is the ninth annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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Digital print by Braxthon Saula titled Shed Blood.

Kin: Contemplations

In conjunction with the recent exhibition, Uncle Charlie, a partnership was forged between the QCC Art Gallery and the High School for Art & Business, Corona. The collaboration focused on creating works of art that celebrate the diversity of the Queens community.

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Photograph of Natural Resources artwork in exhibit

Natural Resources

Painter, printmaker, sculptor, and designer, Dennis Cady is based in Queens, the Hudson Valley and Arizona. A native of Oregon, Cady studied at Portland State University with Robert Colescott and Frederic Littman.

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Oil on Canvas by Atsuko Mu Yuma titled Flower of Life A.

Ancient Road

Atsuko Mu Yuma’s Japanese origin is very important to her and through her imagination and creative endeavors, she inevitably reflects her culture. Yuma’s paintings are based on the mystery of life, death and love and she feels that the past, the present and the future are like a circle all connecting as one.

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Oil on canvas by Mara Sfara titled Three Clown Fish with Sea Anemone.

From Land to Sea

Since art’s beginnings, the perpetual question has been whether art should be representational or whether and how art should deviate from representation in order to express the individual story behind the work of art. For Sfara, art is a story and the story is the art.

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Untitled, Uncle Charlie series by Marc Asnin. Medium: Digital print from scanned negative. nd.

Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie presents a richly textured portrait of a disturbed and complex man, Charles Henschke, the uncle and godfather of renowned photographer Marc Asnin.

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Basins of Attraction

Carapace Explorations

The most predominant image used in my work is that of the turtle. The shape and design of its shell universally identify this particular animal to all people and cultures.

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Clay vessel from Lobi, Burkina Faso.

Spirit & Tradition: Vessels from Africa

The exhibition will acquaint the audience with the techniques used to create traditional ceramic vessels, and their purpose within specific African cultures.

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An archway made out of stone or brick

Doors of Memory – Porte della Memoria

Memories of my birthplace, Avella, Italy, have always been suffused with the warmth of family, mountain vistas, and the ever present sight of a medieval castle on a hill. At home in New York I wrote poems and reminiscences of my early experiences in Avella. However, during my visits there, I enjoyed walking all over town taking photos.

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A child coated in a white substance

A Liberian Sojourn

A Liberian Sojourn by Charles Miller III, an exhibition presented by the QCC Art Gallery, City University of New York (CUNY), is the first exhibition of the photographs by Charles Miller III.

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Tipping Point by artist Suzanne Nagy, medium: led lights. date: unknown

Sustainable Nature Solutions II

In Sustainable Nature Solutions II, Suzanne Nagy’s work addresses the problem of deforestation. Since the artist’s trip to the Amazon rainforest in 2013, she has focused her work on reforestation and recognizes its urgency.

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Cartograf­a Umbrella House NY

The exhibition presents a poetic and emotional cartographic, memories and memory from the place where the poet, writer and journalist, Ricardo Len Pea Villa, (Medellin Colombia).

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Acrylic on canvas by Xavier Ciro titled Self Portrait.

Juried Student Exhibition 2016

The Juried Student Exhibition displays a broad range of talent from the students currently pursuing their artistic aspirations here at Queensborough Community College. This is the eight annual student exhibition held in the QCC Art Gallery.

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Wenzhi Zhang Sculpture Garden

The Wenzhi Zhang Sculpture Garden

QCC Art Gallery is delighted to engage in a new collaboration with the artist resulting in the acquisition of forty-one of Zhang’s sculptures for our permanent collection: the New Mankind series.

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Royal Cloth from Northwestern Grassfields, Bamileke: Bamum. medium: Cotton, pigments. date: early 20th Century

Powerful Arts of Cameroon

Powerful Arts of Cameroon consists of objects made of wood and other media that Amadou Njoya had collected in Cameroon over many years. Apparent is the power, beauty, and spiritual significance inherent in these masterful sculptures of wood, metal and terra cotta covering cultures throughout all areas of Cameroon.

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Oil on canvas by Lisa Baw titled Becoming One.

Windows of Inspiration

As an acknowledged painter and former QCC student, Lisa Chin-Jung Baw displays a selection of her already impressive career as an artist.

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Oil on canvas by Liz Di Giorgio titled Spring Tea.

Faculty & Staff Exhibition

The Art and Design Department at Queensborough Community College is committed to teaching as well as being deeply engaged in art making and research.

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Celebrating Artistic Expression

The artwork featured in this exhibit is the result of the ANIBIC Group Day Habilitation Arts Program. We believe that exposure to the arts harnesses the innate creativity we all hold within us. It fosters self-expression and enhances concentration, self-awareness, and confidence.

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Beyond Reality John Romano. Medium: Gelatin Silver Print. Size 8 x 10 inches Date 2014

Juried Student Exhibition 2015

Students at QCC, like students everywhere, generally practice one of two techniques in the fabrication of their work. Some adhere to a more classical, academic style of working, which most clearly indicates their increasing mastery of the aforementioned mediums.

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Mountainous terrain along the Watapor Valley in Kunar province

Afghanistan – A Distant War

This remarkable exhibition of photographs is composed of images that are captioned with places, dates, and Nickelsberg’s own extensive commentary.

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Unnoticed Silence

Wei Xin’s works are extensively exhibited, some worth mentioning; the Zhuhai Guyuan Arts Museum, the Guanlan Arts Museum, the Shanghai Arts Museum, the Macao Arts Museum, the Zhejiang Arts Museum, and the National Art Museum of China.

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La Sandía by Jerónimo López. medium: oil on canvas. date: unknown. dimensions: 39.4 x 31.5 inches

Naturaleza Muerta

Says Mr. Morales: “This Mexican painter lives his paintings intensely and passionately; his full commitment and concentration makes him an omniscient creator whose descriptions come alive and impress through the intelligent and strongly individualistic use of color.

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Cover for Asian Art: Contemporary Views

Asian Art: Contemporary Views

This timely exhibition showcases the expansion of Asian art on a global world stage, and the world’s increasing fascination and interest in Asian art and culture.

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Jzsef Jakovits

Jzsef Jakovits (1909 – 1994) was the leading sculptor among Hungary’s Modernist art group, the European School, whose brilliant program of exhibitions, lectures, and publications lasted from 1945 until 1948, when Communist cultural czars crushed it.

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Art as a Witness

Artist Rosemarie Koczÿ (1939-2007) was a native of Recklinghausen, Germany and a three-year-old toddler when she and her family were deported to a concentration camp at Traunstein in 1942. No less powerful are her accompanying drawings, entitled I Weave You a Shroud, which represent people who shared the nightmare environment in which she lived as a child. She witnessed hundreds of people suffer needlessly and be executed, from those who were unable to withstand the cruelty of their situation, to those whose inner grace survived and shone in Koczÿ’s expressive portraits, each made from memory. The accomplishment of Koczÿ’s art is clear, yet as art historian Roger Cardinal observed, it is “…inseparable from her life experience”.

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The Flamboyant by artist Victor Forestier Sow. medium: acrylic on fabric. date: 1968. dimensions: 42 x 50 cm.

Victor Forestier Sow

Sow’s artistic participation in Mali’s efforts to unify a culturally and racially diverse population into a single voice polity are reflected in his choice of subjects. His focus was primarily on the diversity of Mali’s landscapes and its peoples, and on both ancient and modern architectural structures. In choosing these subjects, Sow was using his brush as a means of participating in Mali’s nation building and socialist discourses. His paintings reveal that he was ever conscious that he was an integral part of a rapidly changing society.

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Kinga Kolouszek. medium: watercolor. date: 2013. dimensions: 11 x 16 inches

The Emotionalists

The Emotionalists’ styles vary from pure abstraction to classical realism. The group was founded in 1994 by renowned sculptor, Lubomir Tomaszewski. Its mission is to return to the natural language of expressionistic art and seeking to awaken deep emotions in the viewer. Members are connected to the Polish culture and work and live in the USA and in Europe. The Emotionalists have exhibited in Poland, USA, Germany, Denmark, and France.

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Mirmande by Marcel Salinas. medium: Oil on masonite. date: 1948. dimensions: 48.26 x 63.5 cm

Classicism and Exile

The exhibition will provide a retrospective of the work of the painter Marcel Salinas who was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1913 of French and Italian parents and died in Saint-Louis, Missouri in 2010.

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A Colorful Expression Of Mind

Venture House Group Exhibition grew out of a mutual desire of Venture House and QCC to explore an alliance between our two organizations. Venture House and the QCC Department of Nursing identified a mutual desire to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, and decided to provide community education through an exhibition of the works of artists who are members of Venture House. Members’ artwork is selected by the director and assistant director of the Art Gallery and formally exhibited in the QCC Art Gallery Community Gallery. This is the second exhibition at QCC by Venture House artists.

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Love by Hiroaki Sotooka. medium: oil on canvas. date: 2013. dimensions: 24 x 20 inches

Juried Student Exhibition 2014

The Department of Art & Design’s sixth annual Juried Student Exhibition featured select works from Queensborough Community College’s students with concentration in various mediums.

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Geometric illustration with overlapping rhombuses

Hungarian Art: An Introduction

The selected works on exhibition here give an idea of the scope of the Müller-Keithly collection, spanning much of the twentieth century, especially concentrating on the 1950s onward. Behind almost every work on display is a personal relationship between artist and collector.

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Carol Crawford

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap brings together the talent of many visual artists residing and working in Queens, and handsomely succeeds in portraying a large sample of the artistic life of the borough. It illustrates that there is life outside of Manhattan, well beyond the frontier of Long Island City, reminding us of Saul Steinberg’s classic cartoon of the map of the United States where NYC represents two-thirds of the space of the frame to imply that it is the symbolic center of the universe. But here we redraw the map and extend the boundaries beyond Manhattan Island, to celebrate the fact that on the other bank of the East River, a community of artists has regrouped and thrived.

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Video Transcends QCC

Video Transcends is an ongoing examination through the inter-relationships of video art, performance, short film, documentary, experimental sound, & process based duration art. The purpose of this exhibition is to survey, expose, and raise the awareness of motion and sound related art through the potentials of new media. The works exhibited have been created and manipulated using digital technology and editing software as a means of expression and communication.

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New Light on Early Art Forms of the Indian Subcontinent

The exhibition focuses on the significant tradition of depicting religious and philosophical beliefs thought sculpture. These sculptures advocate a peaceful outlook on life which expresses the beauty of the culture.

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This exceptional and historic exhibition features over 160 objects loaned from private and institutional collections in America and Europe that highlight the diversity of Tanzanian art and culture.

Shangaa: Art of Tanzania was organized by QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York (CUNY), curated by Dr. Gary van Wyk and supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts: Art Works.

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Juried Student Exhibition 2013

As our lives are increasingly shaped and presented online – through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. – it can be suddenly refreshing to look at what may appear to be a tired art school standby; the traditional portrait. Instead of the fractured persona that emerges in timeline form from our digital posts, these portraits present a clear perspective, with definitive features and idiosyncrasies, which produce empathy in addition to “likes.”

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Page one invite Visionaries


In collaboration with The Society for Art of Imagination, NYC & London, this QCC Art Gallery exhibition highlights the works of Visionary Artists from the past to the present. The exhibit features the works of forty national and international artists that represent the spiritual and growing movement, Visionary art.

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Oil painting

Aguilera 3 Generations

This one of a kind exhibition features the works of three generations of the Aguilera family: Rafael Aguilera (1903-1998), Florencio Aguilera (1947- ) and Chencho Aguilera (1975- ). Their work, which captures the history of Ayamonte, Spain from 1903 to the present day, reflects each of these artists’ unique connection to and love for this historical and beautiful village.

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2011 - 2012

Helmet mask (sowei) from Mende, Sierra Leone. medium: wood, black. dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 inches


Bundu masks, which are the focus of this exhibition and the catalogue that accompanies it, are unique in sub-Saharan Africa in that they are the only ones worn by women in public masquerades. These sowei helmet masks, which are diverse in form, are worn by female masqueraders draped in black raffia who embody the society’s spirit and serve as intermediaries with the ancestors. This exhibition presents sixty sculptures that display the wonderful stylistic diversity of these masks among the Bassa, Gola, Mende, and Vai peoples of Africa.

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Untitled by Miso Rhee. medium: graphite. date: 2011. dimensions: 18 x 24 inches

Juried Student Exhibition 2012

Students display their basic skills of drawing, painting, sculpture, design, photography, printmaking and digital arts

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Walled In by American artist Samuel Bak. medium: oil on canvas. date: unknown. dimensions: 60 x 48 in

A Life For Art

Born in 1931 in Otavalo, Ecuador, a city known for its arts and crafts, Jaime Rodrigo Andrade-Vargas was one of eleven children of Teresa Vargas and Alberto Andrade. Jaime’s legendary generosity extends to institutional munificence. Artworks from his collection have been exhibited worldwide. Major pre-Columbian artifacts from his collection were included in the 1997 exhibition, Prehispanic America Time and Culture (2000 BC to 1550 AD), at the Auditorio de Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

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Sculpture Purple Metal painted Magenta IXXI made of metal and paint. date: 2011. dimensions: 38 x 38 x 19 inches


IX XI is not an aggressive piece, but abstracted and original. Ultra Violet created her own font, wanting her IX XI to be monumental and larger than the World Trade Center.

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The final day. City of St. Jude area; Veronica Smith, Philip B. Hunter and Kirk Carrington by Dan Budnik. medium: silver gelatin print. date: March, 1965. dimensions: 12 x 8.25 inches

Marching The Dream: American Civil Rights

Dan Budnik’s work as a photographer has covered more than a half-century. He is known for his photographs of artists, but also for his photo-documentation of the Civil Rights Movement and of Native Americans.

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Forever by American artist Samuel Bak. medium: oil on canvas. date: 2007. dimensions: 24 x 20 in

Icons of Lost

Samuel Bak is a visual poet of the modern imagination, using familiar images in his dramatic canvases to cast a relentless light on the dilemmas that continue to haunt our civilization.

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Jennifer Pastecchi

I AMazon

Artist Jennifer Pastecchi is proud to present the unveiling of her series of sculptural pieces from the collection, I AMazon. I AMazon is a collection of artwork that depicts the life of the modern Amazon.

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Royal Tunics from Banjoun, Cameroon. medium: fabric, beads. date: unknown. dimensions: unknown.

Through The Eyes Of Our Ancestors

This exhibition places the art of various African cultures nearer to its original context, where sculpture is only part of a larger ensemble that creates a complete character, an ancestor, or a spiritual entity. Without all its components, that entity could not exist.

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Untitled by artist Karen Shih. medium: Oil on canvas. date: 2010. dimensions: 16 x 20 inches

Juried Student Exhibition 2011

It is with great pleasure that the Department of Art and Design in conjunction with the QCC Art Gallery and with the support of the Queensborough Student Association presents the 2011 exhibition of student visual art work.

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Eole by American artist David Henderson. medium: fiberglass. date: 2010. Sculpture

A Brief History of Aviation

David Henderson presents viewers with 3D pieces and proves that his version of science and art is what the world needs.

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Haw Mask (Front) from Bwa or Nuna, Burkina Faso. medium: wood, black, red, white pigment. dimensions: 18 x 57 inches. date: unknown

House of the Spirit

This exhibition displayed Danny’s contempoary paintngs and his collection of tradition african art.

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Untitled by spanish artist Manuel Quintana Martelo. medium: oil on paper. date: 2009. dimensions: 27.6 x 19.7 inches.


Manuel Quintana Martelo showcases his skills by using a variety of mediums including oil paints and polyester resin. This exhibition includes realistic sculptures, simple graphite sketches and more.

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Parade I by american artist Norman Gorbaty. medium: pastel on paper. dimensions: 26 x 40 inches. date: 2002

Norman Gorbaty

This exhibition consists of images of Norman Gorbaty’s capturing of movement in different mediums.

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The Red Circle by artist Patricia Dreyfus. medium: lamda print. date: 2009. dimensions: 49.2 x 49.2 inches 

Reinvented War Memory

Patricia Dreyfus displays her photography skills with subjects from World War II, creating different versions but also featuring originals.

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Aquatint and Scraper by Pablo Picasso titled Jacqueline en Mariee, de Face 1.

Picasso Printmaker

The Myra and Sandy Kirschenbaum Collection is part of an important tradition among collectors that focuses primarily upon works on paper. This extensive collection comprises every aspect of Picasso as a printmaker and includes many unique works.

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Apple Blossom by Russian American artist Yelena Tylkina. medium: watercolor on paper. date: 2000. dimensions: 31 x 42 inches

Yelena Tylkina

Yelena Tylkina uses flowers and depictions of the female body to celebrate but also convey the struggles of being a woman.

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Marilyn by Andy Warhol from New York, U.S. medium: Silkscreen in color on Lenox paper. date: November 21, 1981. dimensions: 7 x 7 inches.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol used vibrant colors and a variety of mediums in order to create this collection of graphic works.

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Hatchet with Two Palettes by Jim Dine. Medium: Oil on Canvas with Wood and Metal. Size 72 x 54 x 12 in Date 1963

An American Odyssey

An American Odyssey, 1945/1980 [Debating Modernism] arrives in Bayside, Queens following a run in Spain beginning on April 13, 2004 at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. The exhibition will showcase works from such celebrated artists as: Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Richard Pousette-Dart, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Lee Krasner, Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Mark Rothko, Jim Dine, Hans Hofmann, Franz Kline, and Louise Nevelson.

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Elements Of Life / Forces Of Nature

Marlene Tseng Yu was born in Taiwan in 1937 and came to the U.S. in 1963. From 1969 to 2007, she lived and worked in SoHo, New York City, and in 2008, opened a studio in Long Island City. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei in 1960, and her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1967.

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Female Prestige Figure from Dan, Liberia. medium: wood, textile. date: unknown. height: 21 inches

Artists and Patrons in Traditional African Cultures

The exhibition presents a selection of objects representing more than 30 different cultures spanning 15 African countries, and over 2000 years of history.

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